In these days of pandemic, protests, recession and angst, more and more people are turning to social media messaging for the latest information and news. So it’s a great place for pharmacy to keep patients up to date about all things health….obvs

You and I both know your business isn’t just about daily dispensing or a pack of Panadol or the odd teenager trying to ‘be careful’ after school. But do the rest of the world know it?

Look, more than half the people on Earth now use social media. There are more people now using it than not. Don’t believe me? Well, there are 4 billion active users and 1 million starting to use social media for the first time every single day.  Need I say more?

Social Media is one of the few opportunities for community pharmacies to get something for nothing! It’s the obvious place to keep patients and customers (not to mention the 12 new users every second) up to date with everything you offer. Best of all, it allows you to do it around the clock, even when you’re closed which, incidentally is when people are most likely to want to know about you.

Come on! It’s a business no brainer!

The challenge you do have is making great content to engage users and get them following you. There’s one golden rule, your followers aren’t numbers to show off to your mates. They’re important relationships you need to maintain. People are desperate to be seen and heard and meaningful conversation is important. So quality and not quantity OK? You stay relevant by regularly posting engaging, relevant content.

As a pharmacist you’ve got the golden gift of being able to stand out from the crowd. You hold the answers to some of life’s most urgent problems, especially now, but always in the future too…. Where can I get a lateral flow test?… Oh no! I think we had an accident last night

Another point to consider, don’t always take yourself too seriously. We can all use a bit of humour even in the most serious situations.

So where do you start? Content is King as they say and then just give it some time -not 24hrs, more like 3 to 6 months- and you’ll see your following grow.

I’ve been talking with our 9Ways team about the craziness going on in pharmacy or more to the point the craziness in government that’s causing lunacy amongst pharmacy users. I mean, come on! No central supply of lateral flow kits right when they’re in peak demand. I’d like to say you couldn’t make it up but sadly, we’ve come to expect it just. Just as we know that, yet again, Pharmacy teams are unwittingly put on the front line with nothing more than  “sorry we don’t have any stock” as their defence.

But hold up a minute! Look what’s this latest government faux-pas is doing for your business!  Suddenly you’ve got a lot of new people visiting your pharmacy.  Whether they’re just popping across the road to you after work or clocking your front window when they’re waiting at a red light, they’re people that wouldn’t have even known about you until now. Result!

Now these are all potential customers that need your attention. So please don’t let me hear another “sorry, no stock….. bye” (as in ‘see ya don’t bother us again’). How about “sorry, we don’t have any stock at the moment but follow us on Facebook/Instagram, We’re posting there as soon as we’ve got more stock” ?

And there’s your new follower #1 and …. you’re going to indirectly sell to them as well. Nice, we like it. As soon as you post about a new service or offer up some really handy health advice, your new follower #1 becomes new customer #1. All because you sorted one of their most urgent problems. Never underestimate the art of being human and authentic (golden rule number three of social media).

What’s more, it’s easy to get your staff on board with this as well. They’ll love you because you’ve reduced the stressing hordes of pick-up-code- phone-waving-customers when you’ve got no stock. You’ve also solved the most urgent problem for your staff and reduced their workload to boot.

Right so here comes the pay off…. Come on! I’ve given you such a smart little business idea so let me have my moment now! Without doubt you’re smart enough to set-up your own social media accounts but you know as well as me, that it quickly because an utter chore creating and posting day in, day out. So just let our team at 9Ways do it for you. They know what they’re talking about, they’re even better at putting it in words, images and video and they’ll manage your social media from as little as £50 a month. As I said earlier….a business no-brainer.

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