I am passionate about three things: Communication – Community Pharmacy and the Commitment to better health and wellbeing

As a Media Producer, I know the value of communication. To know how to speak so that others will listen and, know how to listen when others speak. This is the pinnacle of good communication. 

Whether I’m producing content for television, film or pharmacy, communication is key. Making content, broadcasting to screen and seeing an audience engage with it – that’s the POWER of communication.

So how does Media Broadcast work for Pharmacy?

It’s really simple. Working with the best media production teams I create attention-grabbing short films and animations to further help those people that pharmacy teams support every day.  Pharmacy TV also helps find new audiences, by showing how much you and your pharmacy team can do for them. 

When you see how we speak to patients and customers for you, you’ll be amazed by the results. 

For producers like me, the passion to communicate through engaging media content never fades. We’re permanently committed to always learning more about our art and, thanks to the hundreds of great customers we already support, we are learning new information and communication needs every day.

My team and I are kept up-to-date by our NHS, Third Sector and OTC partners about the latest services and support which ensure us all to live better, healthier lives. By creating on-screen videos that are engaging, educational, considered and fun, we share these available services with the nation. 

Most importantly of all, our communication of health services and products is easily accessible to anyone and everyone visiting or even just passing by pharmacies across the UK.

Just being around my media team at 9Ways, watching them work and seeing the commitment they have to creating engaging content makes me jump for joy…watch for yourself and see if you get the message!

Pharmacy TV + Digital Signage + Social Media Support

Better together for total patient engagement, healthcare education and customer retention. 

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