Do you provide the TV screen?

We supply the latest Phillips commercial use models designed for 24/7 use without image burn-in.You have the option to purchase or rent any size screen from our extensive portfolio and the cost, which includes the screen mount and professional installation, can be included in your monthly bill.

Do I have to install anything myself?

No. Our engineers carry out all installation, set up, configuration and testing of your TV channel. We identity with you the optimal position for your screen(s) and agree an install date to ensure minimum disruption to your environment. The channel content is automatically updated with no involvement from your team.

Does the TV Channel promote my pharmacy?

Yes. Your TV channel includes pharmacy opening hours and contact details. It also promotes of your pharmacy services, all the Public Health Campaigns and local health and wellbeing  information and advice.

How often is the TV Channel content updated?

Your TV channel content is reviewed and, where necessary, updated every month. This includes any new services available from your pharmacy as well as NHS Public Health national and local campaigns as well as a wide range of self-care and wellbeing information. New overall Pharmacy TV schedules are rolled out every three months to reflect seasonal healthcare priorities.

How is my TV screen supported?

You have access to a dedicated support team and account manager to register any issues with your TV screen or channel. In the first instance please call our office on 0161 850 9599 and choose the service desk option or ask for the 9Ways Service Desk.

You can expect the following service levels from us:

Call Vetting Response 20 Minutes
On Site Response Next Business Day
Fix Time Guideline 8 Hours
Hours of Cover 9.00am to 5.30pm
Days of Cover Monday to Friday
Replacement Parts/Units Included
Labour & expenses Included
Onsite “break fix” visits Unlimited
1st line Support – all issues Included & unlimited

Is Pharmacy TV Channel aligned to NICE guidance?

Yes. NICE are calling for greater use of digital platforms to help people change established unhealthy behaviours. Pharmacy TV meets the following recommendations for healthcare professionals:

    • Digital and mobile health interventions to support behaviour change for diet and physical activity, smoking, alcohol and unsafe sexual behaviour. These should supplement not replace existing services.
    • Use of expert sources for evidence-based digital or mobile health interventions.
    • PAGB -the OTC and Retailers Associations- are also recommending the use by pharmacies of digital and mobile health interventions to support behaviour change towards wider self care activity.

Ref: NICE Consultation:“Behaviour Change: Digital and Mobile health interventions” (2020)

My pharmacy is small and I don’t have much room for a screen. Can you help?

We offer a wide range of screen sizes to suit almost any pharmacy area, however small or large. There are a number of options you can consider including, wall, ceiling or floor mounted screens, even positioned on a counter-top or suspended in the window.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. We can either use a standard broadband internet service if it’s available in your pharmacy. Otherwise we can install our 4G router to provide the necessary connectivity.

Do you provide digital signage?

Yes. We offer a professional digital signage solution to help you attract passing footfall.This allows you to promote your pharmacy services, information and offers 24/7. The digital signage solution can also be fully integrated with the TV Channel at any time should you decide to invest in both options.

Can Pharmacy TV be installed on an existing screen?

Yes, subject to compatibility and connectivity options. In some instances, additional hardware may be required. Please note that service support cannot be provided for any TV screen not purchased from 9Ways Digital Media.

How long will it take for the TV Channel to be installed?

Your TV Channel can be installed within 1 week of payment of the hardware cost.

Can I spread the cost of Pharmacy TV?

Yes. You can spread the cost of your investment with a 12 month to 3 year commercially viable plan option.

I already have a contract with another provider. What can I do?

It depends on the terms and outstanding time of your existing contract. If you’re able to share this information with us, we will help you understand your available options.

Does the TV have audio?

Yes. You can control the volume directly from your pharmacy.

I’m limiting the number of people in my waiting area due to Covid. Can I position the TV in the window?

Yes, the TV can be position in your pharmacy window. Alternatively, you could invest in our digital signage solution for your shopfront. This will allow you to promote information about all the services, products and offers you have available to waiting customers and passing footfall. In addition, you will be adhering to contractual compliance around the Covid19 SoP, public health advice and signposting.

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