To support NHS healthcare businesses to:

  • Increase compliance
  • Create a better patient experience
  • Improve business ROI

To broadcast short form TV content aligned to national and local health and social care priorities.

To enable NHS care providers:

  • Support patients
  • Educate the public 
  • Inform the worried well


We’re passionate about effective and efficient communication. 

We support healthcare providers in amplifying health and wellbeing information every day to tens of millions of people across the UK.

We thrive on providing the best digital media from the latest content to last minute public health bulletins.

We are here to help your healthcare professionals bring about behaviour change by shifting the mind-set and way in which we all care for ourselves.


We understand the difficulties faced by healthcare professionals in providing the information and service levels being demanded of them by the NHS.

With 30 years experience in healthcare IT,  we’re ‘on it’ when it comes to aligning digital communication with NHS health outcomes.

Our broadcast standard TV channel uses the latest technology to deliver an effective one-stop solution for any NHS healthcare business. 

It’s just like having TV at home!