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"This beautifully crafted film depicting the experiences of South Asian children affected by Asthma. It delivers a groundbreaking approach to highlighting how NHS interventions can be tailored to specific needs, particularly in areas of high cultural and linguistic sensitivity".
National Institute
for Health Research

Discover the Power of TV

Pharmacy TV is a fantastic way to communicate  with your customers. Television has authority,. It delivers quality, engages customers and grows your pharmacy business.

Exclusive online content, pre-released Public Health England campaigns and the latest information on your  services, products and self-care options can be on Pharmacy TV.

Our TV schedules have unrivalled reach and emotional appeal to broaden customer knowledge. And you know it’s all verified, produced and created by professionals.

Pharmacy TV promotes the very best of pharmacy to generate more revenue for your business.

Make sure your customers know everything about you Strengthen your position in the healthcare market by embracing the latest digital media technology.




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from£34.99/ mo
  • HLP digital information zone
  • Public Health Campaigns
  • Professional media production
  • Fully managed service
  • Seasonal topics
  • Auto-updated TV schedules
  • Tailored to your pharmacy
  • NHS Digital compliance
  • No staff input
  • Professional installation

Meet our Pharmacy TV solution

You can choose from our state-of-the-art TV screens, professionally installed, with remote and on-site support. Or you can select our plug-and-play option if you want to use an existing screen* Either way, you will get our broadcast-standard Pharmacy TV for your healthcare environment.

*subject to technical review for compatibility

Subscribe to Pharmacy TV box now and get free WiFi
from £ 34.99 / mo
£ WiFi free / mo

Pharmacy TV + Digital Signage + Social Media Support

Better together for total patient engagement, healthcare education and customer retention. 

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