Less than a century ago, the first television broadcast crackled through the airwaves. At times like that, bold statements are made only to be forgotten weeks later. But this invention, television, truly changed our world and how we see it.

Today, the airwaves are packed with data and images, from Facebook to Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, and tens of thousands of television channels. Every single one of these, has its DNA firmly rooted in that very first TV broadcast.

But what does the single word television mean? It encompasses so much: drama, news, arts, information, and knowledge. It’s even shown us other worlds… mans first moonwalk, the deserts of Mars and the plains of Pluto over four and a half billion miles away.

Some would argue that another invention was responsible for reshaping our existence, changing how we think and act and driving our relentless ambitions. In 1941 Bulova watches broadcast the worlds first ever advertisement and the future of television morphed into the most powerful technology ever seen.

The very first advert to grace UK television screens told us the product was “tingling fresh”. Gibbs toothpaste, launched by Unilever turned the company into the marketing leading multinational with billion-dollar brands that it is today.

Television is so many things…brash, loud, sensitive even invasive. It touches every part of our life at home, at work, on our commute, and during our leisure time. No longer confined to the corner of our living room, giant screens light up the night sky at sporting events, digital billboards greet us as we emerge from the underground and hand- held devices let us get our fix on the move.

There is no better medium for drawing people in and making them watch your message. Television is addictive and we humans are drawn to it like moths to a flame. TV advertising still stands the test of time. Social media and the written word on the Internet can both make false claims and lack validity. The rigors of compliance for television advertising and public information films, on the other hand, are so extremely high…and this is precisely why television is still so broadly trusted by the viewing public. At 9ways TV, we believe in the power of the flickering screen. We believe it will enhance your healthcare business and build your customer base. We believe our channel informs educates and entertains and we believe that Pharmacy TV is the future of better patient-pharmacist relationships.   

Every single media platform has its DNA firmly rooted in the very first TV broadcast.

by BBC TV Producer/Director, Martin Johnson

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