UK Pharmacies are more than just a dispensary. They have the potential to be the best health and wellbeing retail environments. But as you’re already reading this article, you must surely know that already or, do you? Like me, you’ve probably been working in pharmacy for many years. So, here’s the big news…. it’s time to start thinking more like a retail outlet!

What are you doing to make sure your pharmacy grabs the attention of every patient or customer available to your practice?

I’ve spent many years successfully designing pharmacy layouts and providing merchandising services and I appreciate the daily challenges faced by every pharmacy of competition from other bricks and mortar and on-line pharmacies. And the danger doesn’t stop there – you also need to pay attention to indirect competition from fast-moving consumer goods outlets, corner shops and petrol stations. They’re all starting to offer OTC ranges. 

It’s time to make your pharmacy stand out from the rest and make sure you get the attention your business deserves. Strengthening your commercial success don’t need huge financial investment.  You simply need clear and effective promotion of the healthcare services and wellbeing products your pharmacy provides. It’s no longer all about dispensing but if your customers don’t know this in the first place, why would they choose to ask for services or shop with you?

Consumer engagement is the key to growing your business success. In the current Covid climate, you’ve never had a better opportunity to capitalise on your unique selling points. One of the most important differentiators that sets your pharmacy apart from the convenience outlets is immediate access to a qualified healthcare professional. You’re pretty much the only walk-in, no-appointment-needed, health and wellbeing provider in the UK right now! Your popularity and the new respect being garnered for community pharmacy is set to increase even further with the imminent onset of the wider vaccination services available from your practices.

With increased footfall heading your way in the coming months, you need to grab the opportunity to focus on telling people how you can add value to their health and wellbeing by offering sound advice and using your skills to advise on what will work for them.

Merchandising is a coordination of sales activity and marketing. 1 in 5 consumers make unplanned purchases after seeing a visual trigger

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