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Delivering benefit to your Practice and your Patients

“We get great feedback from patients about our digital TV channel and the reception team love it too because it keeps the waiting room quiet!”

Medical Centre / Leicester

“There is a proven association between the engagement of patients in their health, care and treatment and the outcomes in relation to patients”

Kings Fund / Ideas that can Change Healthcare

“Patient engagement is also a strong feature of the professional standards for doctors, enshrined in Good Medical Practice”

Kings Fund / Ideas that can Change Healthcare

Preview some of the health and wellbeing information available for your Practice


Smart, powerful HD screens for your GP Practice

Brilliant picture quality, simple control and reliable connectivity designed to show the best health advice and wellbeing information available, in your Practice. Simply switch on your TV at the start of business each day. Screens can be positioned in a number of areas:

    • Waiting areas         
    • Consultation rooms


Do you provide the TV screen?

Yes. You have the option purchase outright or rent any size of TV screen in our portfolio. 

Do I have to install anything myself?

No. Our engineers carry out all installation, set up, configuration and testing of your TV screen and channel. As part of our service, we agree with you the position of the TV screen prior to installation and confirm a date to undertake the install.  

Wll the TV Channel be branded to our Practice?

Yes. Your TV Channel will include a series of graphics branded to your General Practice with information about your surgery and available services.

How often is the TV Channel content updated?

New programmes are added every week and your TV channel is automatically updated overnight, ready for broadcast in your Practice the following morning.

How is my TV screen supported?

You will have access to a dedicated support team to register any issues with your TV screen or channel. An engineer will be sent to rectify any hardware issues. TV channel broadcasting issues, will be corrected remotely by our support team. 

Is GP-TV aligned to NICE guidance?

Yes. NICE are calling for greater use of digital platforms to help people change established unhealthy behaviours. GP TV meets the following recommendations for healthcare professionals:

    • Digital and mobile health interventions to support behaviour change for diet and physical activity, smoking, alcohol and unsafe sexual behaviour. These should supplement not replace existing services.
    • Use of expert sources for evidence-based digital or mobile health interventions.
    • PAGB -the OTC and Retailers Association- are also recommending the use by pharmacies of digital and mobile health interventions to support behaviour change towards self care. 

Ref: NICE Consultation:“Behaviour Change: Digital and Mobile health interventions” (2020)